December 1, 2008

das formbureau and durapalm in the march 15th SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE

the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE sunday edition (also online on sfgate)is doing a series of articles of alternative resp. environmentally friendlier materials. the edition from march 15th carries an item about palm wood and products such as durapalm by SMITH&FONG.
the article shows my latest piece, a variation of the table MOKUSAI.

July 30, 2008

rocker chair YURIISO

rocker chair YURIISO

padauk, steel, wool felt

based on the seating furniture IPOH, this is the rocking chair version. here with seat cushion made from industrial wool felt. again, this kind of seating accommodates also the asian sitting mode.

$ 2800

book shelf TO

book shelf  TO

plyboo laminate

height x width x depth
188 x 38 x 3  8(cm)
73 x 15 x 15    (in)

designed as a shelf to be place in an inside corner, it makes a highly efficient use of a potentially awkward space.

$ 1700

July 29, 2008

coffee table KATAMARI

coffee table KATAMARI

durapalm laminate, aluminium

70w x 70d x 35h (cm)
27w x 27d x 13.5h (in)

monolithic in appearance, it reveals at closer view a asymmetrical texture, which again, as a conclusive pattern, emphasizes its block-like structure. and indeed, the complexity of the table is not a very obvious one.

the table has an aluminium vase insert which can be replaced with a flush cap.

$ 2400

July 28, 2008

coffee table BUROKKU

coffee table BUROKKU

durapalm, aluminium

97w x 97d x 35h   (cm)
38w x 38d x 14h   (in)

similar to coffee table katamari in concept, but with a different rhythmic,
this variation has drawers perpendicular and above each other; 
they can be pulled out to either side; the drawer handles are flush with the surface (pat. pend.)




durapalm laminate, plyboo laminate

74h x 175l x 85w  (cm)
29h x 69l x 34w    (in)

a variation of table MOKUSAI, here in laminated wood (palm, bamboo).
the table can be disassembed in to 3 parts for easier transport.
assembly time is under 15 minutes.

$ 2800